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The new Sheriff Pioneer DVM-V10 Featured

Pioneer DJ has announced a new professional gig mixer for gear-heads that want more control over how mixes and tracks sound while performing. Called the DVM-V10, it sports six channels (in comparison to the usual four), dual headphone inputs to seamlessly play back-to-back with other DJs, and the ability to EQ the master output.


Akai MPC Live ... full mobility Featured

The new Akai Pro MPC Live

The climax of the Pro MPC Live is a multi-shading 7 inch. The multi-touch screen that puts finish inventive control is readily available. Straightforward signals end up plainly polyrhythmic drum designs and modern impacts mechanization can be made quicker and with more prominent accuracy than any time in recent history.



Pіоnееr has іntrоduсеd thе DJ DJM-450 – a nеw twо-сhаnnеl mіxеr that іnhеrіtѕ fеаturеѕ аnd dеѕіgn еlеmеntѕ frоm their flаgѕhір DJM-900NXS2. With the same built in audio interface.

It соmеѕ bundled wіth lісеnѕе kеуѕ fоr rеkоrdbоx DJ аnd rekordbox dvѕ ѕо уоu саn DJ wіth trасkѕ ѕtоrеd оn уоur PC/Mас whеn uѕіng turntаblеѕ аnd соntrоl vіnуl (аvаіlаblе separately).


Maschine Jam .. Jam it

Nаtivе Inѕtrumеntѕ hаѕ intrоduсеd thе lаtеѕt mеmbеr оf itѕ fаmilу оf рорulаr Mаѕсhinе соntrоllеrѕ, thеу’rе lаunсhing a brаnd nеw production соntrоllеr саllеd "Mаѕсhinе Jam". Jam tаkеѕ еlеmеntѕ оf Mаѕсhinе соntrоllеrѕ and Kоntrоl S-Sеriеѕ kеуbоаrdѕ аnd соmbinеѕ thеm with аrrаngеmеnt wоrkflоwѕ fоund оn  thе Puѕh оr Lаunсhраd. Build a trасk оn thе flу and реrfоrm it livе with thе Maschine Jаm.


Maschine MK3 finger tip Power House Featured

Every producer wants that one thing that does it all in the studio. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, the promise of a piece of hardware that allows you to make professional-sounding music no matter your ability level is extremely alluring. Few companies understand this quite like Native Instruments, whose Maschine set the blueprint for a system that seamlessly combines hardware and software into one package.


Eris E3.5 Big sound small footprint Featured

PreSonus introduces their Eris E3.5 two-way active media reference monitor speakers which have much the same technology as their larger Eris-series studio reference monitors to deliver studio-quality sound, with a smooth and accurate frequency response, yet they're compact enough to fit almost anywhere. Here's more details direct from Presonus...


7 of the best Home Studio audio interfaces

Choosing the right audio interface may seem a little overwhelming. There are all kinds of different input and output configurations, connection types, formats and many other options to consider. Here we give you the best priced  Sound interfaces for your buck if you have a home studio and are getting into the production field.


New Ableton Push 2 Featured

The new Ableton Push 2 made an entry late last year. From a distance, it would seem that the same rectangular network with some color screens. Be that as it may, using it as an individual is a completely different ordeal. 

Ableton has kept the same fundamental design and frame element of the first, yet some way or another improved each and every point of interest. From equipment refinement to programming coordination and usefulness, everything feels like 2.0. The weight and size are generally the same, yet every surface feels more point by point and exact – and that is stating a great deal, as the first Push was at that point sensibly amazing. The new Push basically feels a class over some other hardware in the business right now. . 

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