More PRO Mixtrack Pro 3

Being one of the best selling entry level controllers in the market wouldn’t spark action to change a winning formula but now Numark have taken it a notch up by introducing the third generation of their popular Mixtrack pro controller, lets look into what they’ve added this simple but popular controller:
The unit it's self  is narrower in breadth but slightly longer in width giving it a wider footprint to accommodate a pretty similar layout to the higher end NV series,giving it a more Pro feel , with a spacious Knob and slider layout with the jog wheels still being about the same size as its predecessor but with a higher jog wheel height profile, Pro 3 now comes with longer pitch sliders which is pretty much similar in length to most standard used CDJ’s, giving the dedicated mixing Dj a more accurate pitch adjustment
The unit comes with Touch sliders on each deck side which can be used for anything from beat jumping, track scrolling to parameter adjustments on assigned fx’s on each deck.
One feature which seems to shine is the added dedicated filter knobs below your High-Mid-Low EQ knobs which gives you a more depth and parallel  control with your effects .
The Pads have now been moved down below the jog wheel giving you a quick access and activation of your different pad modes for samples, loops and cue functions within you Dj software.

As it stands Numark still has kept the standard mapping to Serato intro but with a bit of programming and mapping one would still be able to use it with pretty much any Dj software , the units are now available in store at a special introductory offer at R2950-00

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