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Whether you’re recording lead vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion or any other source instruments, we believe the sE X1A microphone outperforms ANY mic in its price class. It is perfect for recording acoustic instruments and ensembles and is suitable for both female and male vocals.

The sE Electronics X1 A is the new entry point to sE’s acclaimed X1 Series. It is designed to be the best-in-class

offering on the market for home recordists and bringing the heritage of the X1 Series to an expanded user base worldwide.


The new X1 A delivers not only best-in-class sound quality at its price point, but also convinces with its useful features, high dynamic range, and impressive workmanship.

  • Completely new acoustic design - delivers the best sound in its class - pristine sound quality without coloration ensures a wide range of applications - carefully selected capsule - even, well-balanced frequency response
  • Attenuation switch - provides an extended dynamic range - enables a wide range of applications - enables close-miking of loud sources such as electric guitars, brass instruments and kick drums
  • Low cut switch - eliminates low frequency rumble or footfall noise - compensated proximity effect - gives much more versatility
  • All-metal housing with premium finish - efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise - high quality finish ensures a great look for many years
  • Integrated windscreen - eliminates the need for a pop filter
  • Gold-plated XLR connector - for loss-free and reliable signal connection


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